How does Brexit affect English football?


Brexit as everyone should know is the separation of the United Kingdom from the European Union. This has direct detriment to English and Scottish football.

What does Brexit imply for English football?

Between countries of the European Union they can transfer minor players between 16 and 18 years old, but now as they are not part of it, they can only sign players of legal age, therefore players like Pogba or Bellerín could not have signed in their day by teams English in which now they are real stars

Hector Bellerín, spanish player speaking in perfect english

What many English teams used to do was to sign young people from foreign quarries between 16 and 18 so that these promises at the end of their contract can sign when they are minors and not when they are 18 when they are already very valuable or have thrown their career to waste.

So there will only be young English players which also implies, protecting those from their land.

This could be bad for England since now the good ones only come out there, all the good players in Europe between 16-18 years old who were emerging were going to England and this can devalue the premier league because the good French, Spanish or German players will remain in their country and they will not stand out in England.

Eric García, signed for the Manchester city with 16 years

What does the premier league want?

They have conflicting interests with the FA (football association) because the premier league wants to continue to be the best in the world with the best players in the world, whether young or old, and the FA wants the least number of foreign players in the English premier league.

This is because they want the technician of the national team more players where to choose.

What rule does the FA want to change?

They want to change the norm of players trained in the country by squad, right now you need to have 6 players trained in England, not that they are English, that they are trained, it means that they need to have played 3 years in England before they are 21.

What they want to do is expand that number from 6 to 12, which implies 12 players trained in England, but like foreigners, chips with 18 and only spend two years until 21 are not considered formed, therefore they take away space.

What do I think?

I think that the premier leage as a league will not lose too much, since the focus of many continues to be in England, also, it is where football was born. Players will win with the national team since they will have a lot to choose from, because of the positions occupied by the players from outside.

Now the important thing, soccer, as a sport, will win a lot, since as I said, everything is based on what the premier league does.

Soccer can live independently of the premiere, of course it can, but if you look at the best in the world excluding Cristiano and Messi and you see that they are all in the premiere, that’s why I say that it will win since all the young stars cannot go Unless they are of legal age, they will go elsewhere, another league, and that is how football is nurtured.

By: J. Vázquez


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