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Art can change a person’s life


The importance of introducing art to children

In this day and age, creativity is often left out from school’s activities, leaving children out of the amazing world of art. That’s why I absolutely agree with teaching creative skills to students, as it can have a positive impact on their lives.

To begin with, most students don’t feel motivated and think of schools as boring places. What is more, they are put under a lot of pressure, so that leaves out any kind of appreciation towards learning. Furthermore, I believe that creative activities such as drawing, painting, and even sewing can help students to enjoy school and to learn other kinds of important skills, which they will need to use in their adult life. For instance, teaching them how to cook, would make them more independent, as they don’t need someone to cook for them, and they can also save money, as they won’t need to buy prepared food.

Secondly, some parents want their children to be lawyers or doctors, leaving out any kind of possibility in working on artistic jobs, as they think that art is overrated and have no use. From my point of view that’s not correct. Furthermore, I guess that art can open a child’s eyes and make him or her a more successful person with more artistic sensibility and another viewpoint of the world, as I believe that it can help to improve the world we live in.

All in all, as I see it, introducing art and creativity in schools can have a very positive impact in students from all ages. That’s why I encourage schools, and parents too, to start introducing creative activities in the children schedule.

By: Paula García Caro


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