‘The Good Doctor’ makes you learn not having perjudices


The good doctor is one of the best tv series that i have ever seen. It was released in 2017, and currently contains four seasons. The lead actor is Freddie Highmore.

It’s a drama medical tv serie, based on a brilliant surgeon called Shaun Murphy who suffers from the sage’s synod which leads him to have a prodigious and unique memory, and on the other hand has autism. This young man doesn’t have social talents and can not socialize with other people. This series makes you reflect about how a person with his autism disorder, which causes difficulties in relating, can be devoted to such a complex career, and which other people’s lives are played.

I would recommend The Good Doctor, if you like the series that deals with medicine. And also because it’s very interesting, and makes you learn lots of things., suchs as not having so many prejudices.

Per: E. Morón


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