Athletic club de Bilbao wins the Spanish Supercup


Athletic club de Bilbao have won the Spanish Supercup vs Futbol Club Barcelona

Let’s see how this clubs played and how this win will afect both teams on the future.

FCBarcelona came with a good streak since it had not lost a game this year (2021), it came from winning in the semifinal to the “Real Sociedad” in a very equal game that reached penalties unleashing in the Blaugrana victory.

This game, Barça would go out for all because after a dry season like 19/20 they still needed the smallest title to make their fans happy and also their star Lionel Messi.

The Blaugranas got on the pitch with this starting XI.

Koeman surprised by lining up Messi as he came from an injury, although every Barcelona fan expected that this would be the starting eleven. The super cup is not so important so it was conscious to think that Koeman could give rest to his star for the next “La Liga” match.

Let’s talk about the winners, Athletic club de Bilbao did a great match, even though the beginnings of this year (2021) for them have not been very good, they started getting their coach out and hired Marcelino Garcia Toral, his first game with Athletic was against Barça and they lost.
Barça in that game was a more electric Barça and took advantage of the fact that Marcelino hadn’t been coach of athletic for three days yet.

“Los Leones” Lined up this starting XI.

They came out with the same eleven as in the game against Barça a few weeks ago, only changing some injured players. They know they don’t have any chances to win any cup, only this, so they went with the idea that this is the only cup they can win in years.

From what you can see, Barça should have been the winner, but football is no longer possession, it is knowing your team and knowing when to attack, when to defend and when to stop the game, and if you have a coach like Marcelino, it takes less than a month as coach and the team is already better known than Koeman, who has been for half a year, explains why with the same lineup in both games, you go from losing to winning.

Koeman, did not understand that he was in a final, or that is what was seen, in the semifinal, Barça squeezed and squeezed and that is why they ended up winning, in the final, they left the passing lines, they did not go to the bad controls of the rival, and neither did they counterattack as required by a final, after reaching a final having reached penalties, you cannot throw it overboard like that.

On the other hand, Marcelino, aware of the situation in which he was, played a game that I think that if barça had been at their best level, they would not have won either, since their players seemed that they were going to play the final of the world, they were well organized, they did not let the Barça players pass and they knew when to make a tactical foul, and that was what ended up expelling Messi, they took him out of maybe because they played soccer, because soccer is fighting, knowing when to do things, and you can know how to play the ball, but if you don’t know how you have to defend in minute 89′ they end up scoring the equalizer goal, which is what happened to Barça.

The game ended like this, with a screamer by Williams in the first part of the extension that gave the title to “Los Leones”.

To finish, Barça will return very tired to their next league match, since having played two overtimes in two games is like playing a whole one, that’s why the “Culers” fans have expressed themselves about throwing the final in this way.

Athletic will be happy, because the only title they could win together with the “copa del rey”, they have won it, so, congratulations to “Los Leones”.


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