Fun and glamourous: the new hit ‘Emily in Paris’


The new show from Darren Star is one of the most watchable shows on Netflix this fall

Darren Star, after making a name by himself by making films like Sex and the City presents his second TV show, Emily in Paris, which is one of the most watchable new shows on Netflix this fall, as millions of viewers stand ready and willing to lose themselves in this chic new comedy-drama.

It starts with a dream job: when Emily’s boss at Chicago marketing firm Savoir abandons her plan to move to the company’s Paris office. Instead, she sends Emily Cooper (Lilly Collins), to help bringing “an American perspective” to the Paris office. 

Emily doesn’t speak French, so she experiences a very American culture shock when the people of Paris don’t greet her with open arms. From here on, the show bounces between her glamorous career and love while showing several of the most famous cities around Paris.

Furthermore, there is something the show does very well: romance. Emily finds several men who grab her attention, so she goes on dates, has affairs, and falls in love with the idea of spontaneous relationships. Not only are all of these scenes romantic, but they are also interpreted in an empowering way. The writers make it seem as though sex is a part of life and adventure, Emily has clear boundaries and is always in control. 

Even though some french people might disagree with their impression of them and their city in general, Emily in Paris captures the best and most romantic and glamorous things in Paris.

To conclude, this show is a perfect fit for fashion lovers, who want to get lost in Paris and it’s chicness.


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